Soyka & Company is a small environmental and sustainability management consulting business based in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. Our founder and President, Peter Soyka, offers 25 years of continuous experience providing environmental policy and management expertise; executive and thought leadership; innovative, fact-based approaches to resolving complex problems; and customized, client-centric consulting services. He has drawn on these attributes to author two recent, critically acclaimed books addressing organizational sustainability‚ÄĒone for corporate executives and the other for nonprofit boards and chief executives.

Creating a Sustainable Organization

"Peter's book provides a timely explanation as to why financial markets care about how companies manage their material sustainability issues, set performance targets for them, and then embed ESG principles into their core business."

Abyd Karmali
Managing Director and Global Head of Carbon Markets, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

"Soyka brings a fresh and grounded view of corporate sustainability that understands the critical need to bridge the environmental and financial worlds. He makes it clear that sustainability is multidisciplinary, and that leadership companies align it with core business drivers and metrics. Creating a Sustainable Organization is a valuable work that should be required for any professional seeking to align sustainability with business success."

Joel Makower
Chairman and Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group, and author, "Strategies for the Green Economy"

Govern Green

"Govern Green is the only book we know of that offers guidance to nonprofit boards and chief executives in how to develop an environmentally responsible approach to governance and management. We recommend it to ALL nonprofits."

BoardSource, Inc.

Since our founding in 2003, Soyka & Company has delivered high-value services to a diverse array of large to small corporations, trade and professional associations, U.S. government agencies and programs, nonprofits, and other entities. We help our clients formulate effective sustainability policy and strategy, institute sound environmental/EHS management practices, improve organizational effectiveness, develop and make optimal use of their human and other capital, and stimulate dialog and constructive change.